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In today’s world as we all know, child’s brain development has become integral to a successful future of the child.

So as a key decision maker, you can help the little kid’s progress through the use of this unique program. Young Master offers AB-Six & AB-Seven and AB-Nine, a new kind of learning program which helps in the “Brain Development” of a child, which is designed to suit the requirements of your school.

The AB-Six / AB-Seven / AB-Nine / Abacus-Advanced program is a unique brain development program for students up to the 7th standard. This cost effective program contains the use of Abacus to perform mental arithmetic. It is an excellent way to kick-start the process of brain development using mental arithmetic as a process and Abacus as an instrument in your schools. This program aims at developing amazing calculating ability and concentration in kids. It also sharpens memory and listening skills. Thereby improving the child’s ability to visualize and imagine.

Vedic mathematics is a set of formulae re-discovered by Jagadguru Swami and Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj. These unique set of formulas can help even an average student solve some of the complex mathematical problems in a few simple steps.

Vedic Maths is a program that we teach students at all ages. This program is more suited for students above the 4th or 5th standard/grade as these students are introduced to Algebra & Geometry. In normal syllabus a student below that grade/standard is expected to show the complete working incase of multiplication or any other problem solution in mathematics while students in higher grade/standard is not expected to do the same for basic operations and solutions. Also most of the concepts of Vedic Maths is better understood at Secondary school and college level.

Each child is unique. His or her ability to learn and assimilate information differs, based on a lot of criteria. This means that we have to allow them to learn at their own pace, to achieve the best results. Young Master introduces them to a highly interactive content. Through ILT methodology, we allow them to explore challenges and find solutions, at different levels, in a thoroughly fascinating way.

- Young Master