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About Us

Young Master is set up by 2 professionals from the field of education in order to develop the mathematical and brain skills of young children using the ancient tool “ABACUS” and “VEDIC MATHS”.

These professionals have an experience of more than 10 years of teaching and in the education delivery processes. It is headed by Mr. Oscar Pinto with 20+ years of experience in teaching varied topics and has been active in the field of education delivery and related processes for the last 16+ yrs.

We have a pool of dedicated faculty’s who are trained by Trainers with many years of experience in teaching. These faculties have to go through rigorous training sessions and mock classroom teaching sessions. The faculties have been trained in the “Education Delivery Process”, which helps in systematic education delivery and monitoring of the same. These processes help in maintaining high standards of quality.

Young Master is an organization that believes in delivering zero defect products. As a customer oriented organization, we leverage our unique process model and methodology in delivering zero defect learning solutions to our students.

With Young Master learning becomes fun.
Challenges become child’s play. We enhance the learning process through demonstrations and interactive hands-on practice sessions. The user-friendly methodology makes the child ‘want to learn’ and fulfils his or her urge to face challenges.
It makes learning a ‘group experience’, which leads to an overall development of the child. In our hands-on practice sessions, students are bombarded with lots of numbers to work with, which increases their concentration level, analytical power, speed and accuracy.

Young Master Education Delivery Process

Our Faculty members are trained by highly qualified professionals having more than 10 years of teaching experience. Every teacher has to go through a well planned and rigorous training program which includes technical training and also education delivery technique training. To ensure high quality of teaching output we conduct mid-semester feedback sessions and parent-teacher meet to update parents on the child’s performance.

We conduct periodic reviews of our training staff to monitor their performance. The reviews cover — Schedule & Topic Adherence, Student Performance Monitoring, Action Plans on Feedbacks, CRQA’s (Classroom Quality Audits), etc.

Every faculty member maintains a batch file which captures information such as attendance, student’s performance (i.e., fingering technique, speed, accuracy) and contains documents such as batch monitoring sheet, module milestone chart, schedule adherence sheet, batch commencement form, student details, feedback analysis — all these documents help us to monitor the batch performance better.

At the end of every semester an examination is held to assess the child’s performance. A certificate will be issued on successful completion of every semester.

Parents form a vital link in the overall development of a child. Keeping this is mind we conduct a session for parents. In this session we equip the parents to watch over the home assignment by giving them elementary knowledge of what the child would be learning and ways of monitoring the child at home while doing Abacus and Vedic Maths.

Contact Young Master now and give flight yo your child’s skills in abacus, vedic maths, mathematics and mental maths.